Let's map out how to spring you back into energy and vitality this spring!

If you've been hibernating over winter, you're not alone.

Spring has arrived and with it the promise of longer, warmer days, and thoughts of it being time to peel off the winter layers as everyone starts to come out to play again.

Would you like my undivided personal attention to help you spring back to life, shake of those cobwebs and elevate your health, energy and vitality as we head into the final months of 2014?

Well it's perfect timing

Because, I am going to be opening my diary to give 6 motivated and committed people the road map to vibrant health, energy and vitality.

In this private, focused Skype or telephone session I will focus my energy entirely on you to uncover what's needed for you to spring back and elevate your health as we head towards the end of the year.

This session is valued at $199 inc GST 

And, because I'm feeling oh so grateful for you being here and a loving subscriber to my newsletter, I want to offer this to you as a gift to say thanks for being here and supporting me! 

What we will cover

  • We will map out exactly where your core health and wellness pillars are right now
  • Discover what's holding you back from consistently making healthy choices that provide you with sustained energy, focus and motivation to drive you forward in your business, career and life goals

  • Develop a clear vision for what is it that you want to achieve

  • Define the clear action steps needed to spring you forward so you can start getting results now 

Does it feel like this year is getting away from you and you haven't yet achieved what you wanted this year?

Let me tell you, it's not too late to make big impact and commit to creating positive changes now. You don't need to wait until the New Year to set yourself new resolutions or in fact the same resolutions all over again.

Instead you can go into the New Year with a strong sense of contentment and achievement knowing you valued your health and your goals enough to no longer wait.

By Christmas you can already be living in a more energised and inspired way so that next year you can focus on your bigger dreams of stepping up into your potential, raising the bar in your business or career and knowing you're already in great health to enjoy your life so you can give more to your loved ones.

Perhaps you just need a kick-start and a map to help you get the ball rolling

This is an exciting opportunity, because I don't offer single one off sessions. The only way you can work with me is in my VIP one on one Enriched Life programs. So this is great opportunity for 6 lucky people to engage my undivided attention and expertise to elevate their health now.

If you would like to claim one of these sessions with me you will need to apply right away. There are only 6 available and they will take place during the week of 29th September to 3rd October. All I ask is that you please only apply if you are motivated and committed to embrace the change you want in your life and you are willing and ready to take inspired action so you can start to live a more enriched life right now.

If this sounds like you, awesome I'm so excited to help you!!

To apply for a Spring into Life session please complete the short application form below. I will be going through all of the applications next week to select the 6 people that I feel are most committed and that I can best help to elevate their life now.

So what are you waiting for? Your life is now, let's go!

I will be in touch to let you know if you were successful in securing one of these 6 complimentary sessions.