You’re a driven, savvy corporate woman or entrepreneur who finds it difficult to move forward without constantly looking and comparing yourself to others. Do you?

A. Get stuck on the fog of “not good enough” and then procrastinate, not getting much done
B. Learn how to get off the comparison highway so you can move forward and make an impact in your career

You’re struggling to find the energy to sustain everything you want to get done in your day, often reaching for sugar or coffee and falling into a heap at the end only to wake up tired and have to go through that all over again.

A. Just continue pushing yourself through the motions, with “toughen up” as your mantra
B. Learn how to nourish and fuel yourself to provide energy for your busy life

You’re feeling a bit lost, worried and anxious, often worrying about this and that and caught up in fear. Do you?

A. Struggle along, push it aside, ignore it and keep pushing on
B. Learn the best strategies to manage it so you can have a sense of peace and freedom from worry throughout your day instead.

Some days it feels like you’re on a wild roller coaster ride of self-doubt, deprivation, self-sabotage, guilt and disappointment. Do you? 

A. Choose to stay on the roller coaster and just hope things might change
B. Choose to make a stand for you and seek the support to do something proactive about it