The most positive life changing moment in my life was the day I met Jacinda. She helped me recover after extensive ankle surgery and over the last 4 years as she has grown, she has taken me on her journey with open arms. 

I had so much past trauma which I carried through my adult years with my head down and sadness in my heart. I was so used to living with shame that I didn't recognize it was there.

With her encouragement and wisdom I have been able to shift the way I hold these feeling and finally move forward with love in my heart. 

I am able to be present in my life, feel joy, feel sorrow, feel alive! 

I am able to be the wife, mother and individual that I could have only imagined before.

Jacinda has guided me every step of the way with warmth, compassion and sensitivity. 

She has awakened a world of possibilities! I am so grateful to have her as a teacher, guide and friend.

- Dess MacCulloch,  Mother, Balgowlah

Jacinda, I wanted to thank you again for all the help you gave me last year & this year both with my knee rehabilitation and my overall wellness. I certainly learnt a lot from you that I can take with me through life!

I wanted to let you know that I managed to reach one of my goals.... we are excited to welcome our little bundle next year!

I really appreciate your help, getting me on the right track and in the right mindset to take on the next stage in life!

- Lauren Tapp, Sydney

Working with Jacinda has been an absolute DREAM!  I could not have asked for someone more generous, kind, insightful, caring and supportive to work with!  When I signed up for coaching I was excited but nervous.  I’d never been coached before, and I wasn't too sure what to expect or whether these Skype sessions would actually work – but I’d been struggling with my weight, yo-yo dieting and emotional eating for years, so I knew I had to take a different approach – and I’m so glad I did!  This was hands-down one of the BEST decisions I have ever made!

Since working with Jacinda I have been able to uncover some deep subconscious patterns and limiting beliefs that had been holding me back and keeping me stuck.  I have learnt effective ways of dealing with fear, resistance and my inner critic, and I’m learning to practice self-love on a daily basis, listen to my body and treat myself with compassion.  Not only that but I have completely stopped emotional eating (something that I’d been doing since I was 16!), I’ve lost 7kg (and still counting) as well as 9cm from my waist!

I feel so much more JOYFUL, excited and inspired about life!  

 Jacinda is incredibly supportive and holds a beautiful space, free of all judgement and I have always felt comfortable confiding in her and getting to the root cause of my struggles.  She is always really present and LISTENS with all her heart.  Each session she is able to deal with whatever has come up for me and she varies her coaching so that the tools and exercises are totally suited and focused towards my needs.

Whats even better is that I feel like I now have the tools to help me deal with any issues that come up in the future.  Jacinda has guided me and supported me and given me the confidence that I CAN create my dream life.  This is not just a quick fix program that covers up your symptoms and leaves you wondering if you’ll be able to maintain your results.  Jacinda goes really deep and transforms things from the inside, so I know the changes I’ve made will last!  I feel for the first time like this is a new lifestyle I’ve created, and not just a temporary solution.  I feel empowered and excited to continue this way of living!

 I would HIGHLY recommend Jacinda to anyone thinking of hiring a coach.  You could not be in better hands!

- Samantha Thomas, Sydney

When I started seeing Jacinda I was struggling with my motivation to exercise and what I wanted and why I wanted it. I was also struggling to accept that I am ok and my weight and level of fitness was just the starting point and that my goal for what I wanted my body to look like was so far away for me to achieve.

Now my outlook on exercise and life has changed. I understand how and why I feel towards exercise and food.  I am less bloated and more considered in my choices towards different foods. My energy levels have increased, but more importantly my motivation levels!

Now I feel that I am ready to take on the challenges which face me with a positive outlook and the motivation to complete my journey. I feel now that I have accepted my position and where I’m at it has given me the starting point to move forward without baggage. I now know that small steps, consistently will achieve results.

- Emily Bowker,  Financial Planner,Young

Enriched Women Rochelle

Before I started working with Jacinda I was lost, I felt like there was no where to go.  I was extremely unhappy with my job, with my life situation and with myself.  

Jacinda is so welcoming and supportive I instantly felt calm and connected in her presence.  I was able to confidently open up and express thoughts and emotions I didn't even know I had in there! 

Jacinda has shown me not to fear, fear.  That fear is a working for me and not against.  This has dramatically changed the way I view things I was once fearful or scared of.  I am more confident, aware and conscious about what is going on in my mind and body.  Jacinda has taught me the tools to work through challenges quickly and confidently as they arise, so they do not escalate to where they used too.  

There was dramatic change as a result of each and every session, as well as providing me with the tools to further drive positive change in between sessions.

Now I am now truly "in love' with myself and treat myself with more love, kindness, respect and awareness than I ever have in my life.  I can confidently soar through every day and look forward to the challenges that once robbed me of my love and energy and turn them around.

I would absolutely recommend anyone thinking about working with Jacinda. She has literally changed my world! 

Seeking guidance and support is not as scary as I once thought and now my mind, body and spirit are truly aligned with my authentic self.  She is a shining light and a beacon of health and wellness.  I will forever be grateful for what Jacinda has helped me achieve in my life.  

- Rochelle Berryman, Account Manager, Sydney

Prior to working with Jacinda I was confused and frustrated because I couldn't finish an important project and it was costing me energy and money. Jacinda masterfully used a couple of NLP processes and coaching skills that freed up my stuck state and allowed me to move forward quickly. I'm now very close to launch and can highly recommend Jacinda as a caring, understanding and powerful coach.

- Joan Bell, Business Coach,


By the time I started seeing Jacinda, I had suffered from chronic pain for 6 ½ years, ranging in intensity on most days from 3-4/10 through to 12/10 = excruciating!

I was scared. I had already received four rounds of prolotherapy on my SI joint ligaments, and had been through countless physiotherapy prescribed exercise programs but every time I tried to strengthen the larger muscles groups, I fell apart and ended up in excruciating pain again. I had virtually given up and I was a mess. Tears daily, pain constantly and every time I tried to exercise it got worse, not better. I could barely walk, let alone complete an exercise routine. I couldn’t sit for very long, and my only pain free position was lying on my left side.

Jacinda listened to me, she heard my fears, I felt like she felt my pain. She took me back to basics, and still to this day won’t let me over do it. She taught me to overcome my “have to make 20 reps” mind set, and to instead listen to my body and stop before the muscles tired and the pain kicked in. Jacinda did all the research on my condition, she knew my joint and its problems inside out. I listened to her and I trusted her.

My reward, I am now mostly pain free. My daughter can now sit on my lap, my husband comes home smiling instead of worrying about how much pain I am in when he gets there. I can now sit all day at work, I can now climb flights of stairs (and more than one) and no longer grunt in pain when I get to the top, I can wear heels again, I am no longer spending a fortune on painkillers, I can lie on my right side, I can walk on the treadmill, I can even run a little.

Most importantly, I have my life back.

I am smiling again and no longer in constant pain. Jacinda listened to me, she gathered all the knowledge on my injury that she possibly could and she built my support and stability back up to the point where I can function again.

Jacinda has been one of the best investments in my life and I will always be grateful to her for the effort she put in to my rehabilitation. I owe her the world!

- Dr Belinda Parmenter, Lecturer of Exercise Physiology, Sydney