I Believe....

That you have the right and the power
to make clear and confident choices that truly honor you


I also believe...

In the truth that whispers you are EXTRAORDINARY and destined for so much more
In your inner strength, your power, your courage, it's already there inside of you
In your confidence, your spark, just waiting for you to ignite it
In your freedom to be yourself, radiant, vibrant and alive

Not only is it POSSIBLE, it's your calling, to come alive
To TRANSFORM the way that you feel inside and out, to be free in your mind and body
To experience a full and joyful life full of possibility and opportunity

I BELIEVE in YOU. There is no need to hold back any longer

Because I get the feeling that you're longing to step out...to discover...a better way
To live a life that is NOURISHING, where you're brimming with energy
So that you can finally stop fretting and start LIVING FULLY


You are here to fully thrive, to shine, to feel alive, 
to look and feel like the beautiful
woman that you are


You don't have to fumble along living in an unhappy body, feeling down and out.
I am here to show you a more fulfilling, successful and joyful way. A way of life, what do you say?

Untitled design (6).png

My full name is
Jacinda Wilhelmina Meiklejohn

Yep, it's a real mouth full! 

I work with determined, go-getting women who are ready for big change.  I help women just like you shift from stuck, frustrated and overwhelmed, to clear, confident and motivated. So finally, you can break free of old habits and confidently create new lifestyle behaviors aligned with the lifestyle and body image that sets you free from frustration, guilt, shame and body loathing.

It's my passion to help you move from procrastination and inaction to purposeful aligned action,
that will actually move you towards your desires of feeling free in your body, to live a healthy and happy life.


For many years I believed that the recipe to true abundant health and happiness was pretty simple

Plenty of exercise + restricted low fat food. Nothing more. 

A few years ago, I found myself feeling lost and confused. I was fit. I was in good shape. I ate "healthy" food. But my life was caged in and controlled by ongoing worry and anxiety, headaches, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), body aches and pains, bloating, sugar cravings and huge energy crashes.

This was not how I imagined my life to be. I felt sick often, was riddled with worry and was pretty unhappy.

Exercise, had become something to do out of guilt. It was something I had to do to stay healthy rather than something I did out of pure joy. It was exhausting.

I knew there was something big missing in this picture and I desperately wanted to figure it out. My curiosity led me to discover a new holistic way to health.  


This is where my journey within began and I started to transform my life

  • I overhauled my nutrition and healed IBS, said goodbye to bloating, headaches, fatigue, and pain

  • I learnt how powerful my critical inner voice was. Becoming aware of my mindset, beliefs and perception continues to transform my life

  • I discovered mindfulness, yoga and the power of presence to overcome anxiety and begin to live freely

  • I learnt that health starts on the inside in more ways than one

I discovered how to change the way I think, feel and behave so I could move and eat in a way that supports me and my body.  

It is no longer about the outcome but the process. Instead it is a loving journey, a soul fulfilling adventure. It comes with more ease, peace and joy, while pressure, perfection and expectation are no longer allowed to play the game.


My approach to wellness is simple and sustainable.  It is all about...

Carving out a unique way to make healthy and happy the foundation of your life
A way of life that sets your soul on fire
Allowing yourself to get honest about what you want
Being conscious, courageous and willing to step out of your comfort zone
Having fun, exploring, tweaking, adjusting and fine tuning
Challenging what you think is possible
Aligning your mind and body for long term success



The truth is you deserve this life and nothing less. 
Let's UNLEASH that confident, powerful, beautiful,
woman already within you


Are you ready?

To play, create, explore, play some more, try something new and keep exploring?
To move out of pain, shame and discontent and into pleasure, freedom and ease?
To rediscover and unleash your unlimited power to find out what is possible?
To finally have the courage to move past whatever it is that's holding you back?

Then you're in the right place, this is a place for you to be inspired, learn and explore. You'll be supported in your journey towards a life of wellness, health and happiness starting today. Please introduce yourself, I'd love to get to know you.

Jacinda xx