Elevate You Breakthrough Call

Live freely and confidently, say good bye to self-doubt, guilt and yo-yo health patterns

If you're a driven, focused achiever it's likely that even though the world may see you as having it all together, it just might be that under the surface, you're actually struggling with your health, energy, self-doubt and good old negative self-talk. 

Image Credit: Pic Jumbo

Image Credit: Pic Jumbo

You know if you took better care of your health, ate better, exercised more consistently you'd have even more energy and confidence to grow your business or take your career to another level.

And so you might be feeling as though you should be further along and managing all the areas of your life more effectively - you wonder what's wrong with you compared to others and are probably pretty hard on yourself...

It can be a challenge trying to manage and juggle your health and a positive, empowering mindset while you're so busy living a full life and focused on achieving great results in your business or career.

Your Enriched Life

I'm here to tell you that it doesn't have to be so difficult.

There is a way that you can support your energy and drive with sustainable lifestyle habits that work for you, using The Enriched Life framework that is all about you

  • Understanding, and upgrading your inner-critic and limiting beliefs

  • Unique Nutrition

  • Uplifting Movement

  • Ultimate Self-Care

Here, where these elements integrate you are unstoppable and able to unleash your potential.

I would like to invite you to an Elevate You Coaching Session to help you get unstuck and get crystal clear on what you need so you can begin to move ahead with direction and excitement.

During this focused 30 minute phone or Skype session we will work together to uncover the hidden challenges that are sabotaging your success and keeping you stuck in repetitive patterns that are holding you back.

We will identify the clear next steps to gain clarity on what you want instead and what is needed to resolve your challenges. 

You will leave the session feeling clear, inspired and ready to get off this wild roller coaster ride of procrastination, comparison and guilt once and for all.

(Usual Investment: $99 inc GST) but for you this offer is FREE!

Perhaps you just need a kick-start and a map to help you get the ball rolling

This is an exciting opportunity, because I don't offer single one off sessions. The only way you can work with me is in my VIP one on one Enriched Life programs. So this is great opportunity to engage my undivided attention and expertise to elevate your health now.

If you would like to claim one of these sessions with me, please apply right away.

All I ask is that you please only apply if you are motivated and committed to embrace the change you want in your life and you are willing and ready to take inspired action so you can start to live a more enriched life right now.

In preparation for your Elevate You Breakthrough Session, please complete this application form.

I am so excited to assist you to Elevate and Enrich Your Life!

With love,

Jacinda x