Are you too busy and overwhelmed to know what you need?

Are you too busy being busy to even stop for a moment and see how you're doing? To check in and feel how happy you are with your life and where you're at?

  • Are you busy rushing around 100 miles an hour?
  • Are you chronically busy with never-ending things on your to-do list?
  • Are you the first to jump to help others?
  • Are you the master busy multi-tasker?
  • Do you pride yourself on pushing on, no matter what?


IMAGE SOURCE: Deposit Photos @Wacpan

IMAGE SOURCE: Deposit Photos @Wacpan

Chronic busyness can take you away from connecting to yourself and getting honest with what is actually true for you, rather than just going with what is expected of you from family, society or loved ones.

We are so often focused on what we need to do, that we ignore our own feelings and needs.

I confess, like many, I had an addiction to being busy. I equated busy with being useful, valuable and productive. It was also the best way to avoid the discomfort of getting to know myself and avoid feeling lost and lonely.

At the time I didn't realise my addiction to busyness was in fact an avoidance tactic. It was a brilliant and sneaky way to avoid spending time with myself, feeling and connecting to my own needs and desires.

To feel requires bringing presence and awareness within yourself. 

And let's be honest, sometimes feeling is totally uncomfortable.

Sometimes feeling is yucky and painful and we would rather avoid it all together. 

So we adopt behaviours and strategies to avoid this discomfort of feeling. And therefore it becomes so much easier to remain "busy" running from one thing to the next, rather than facing our feelings.

Knowing yourself requires feeling within, so you can know what's really true for you. When you re-learn how to feel and connect within, you can get honest about what you want and desire and what is or isn't working for you in life.

Learning how to get honest with yourself and what is important to you is one of the most effective ways to make time for what really matters to you. You'll be able to start to let go of being all things to everyone and feeling constantly overwhelmed, stressed and exhausted.

Interestingly, when you're unaware and disconnected from what you need, it's near impossible to get your needs met. You'll always feel like you're doing everything for everyone and may feel unappreciated or taken for granted. 

Once you're honest and know what is true for you, you can make new choices to change what is not working. 

You'll be better equipped to say No to things you don't want to do. And you'll be able to dedicate time to what's important, including yourself, to do the things that you love and fill up your cup.

Your body is an incredible tool, always giving you feedback and information.

Start to pay attention and start noticing the ways in which your body gives you messages. It's when we don't listen to these smaller messages, we often get smacked down by an illness or sickness that forces us to stop what we have been doing. 

Listen. Your body wants to be heard.

What's it worth to continue ignoring your own bodies signals at the expense of being all things to everyone else. 

It's time now, for you to remember how important you are, and that until you take care of yourself it's very difficult to bring the best of yourself to life and your loved ones.