How to feel better when struggling in life

It can be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel when struggling in life. Especially if things feel hard and you can't figure out what to do or how to do it.

At times we feel trapped and stuck with so many obligations, responsibilities and expectations about how we should be living and what we should be doing and achieving in life.

Sometimes, it might feel like you're swimming against the current trying to get to a certain destination, but never seeming to "get there". And all this fighting against the current is just exhausting and wearing you down. It's only so long you can continue trying to swim up stream before you let go and simply allow the natural force and direction of the current to carry you.

What's interesting is the way we think and attach to the story we create about our struggle, is just like either swimming upstream against the current OR letting go and allowing the stream to effortlessly carry you.

Image source @ deposit photos Olly18

Image source @ deposit photos Olly18

We humans love stories. 

We love to create stories and meanings around things. So let me ask you, what story have you created about the meaning of struggle to you, and more importantly how do you feel when you believe you are struggling?

When I'm caught up in my old story of struggle the thoughts clouding my mind sound like, it's all too hard, I can't be bothered and there must be something wrong with me. When I jump on this thought train of struggle I go into a downward spiral, trying to figure it out, judging myself for how I'm feeling and essentially swimming and fighting against the current.

Now I know in all moments I always have a choice.

I can hop on the struggle train and swim upstream because it's easy, it's what I've always done and it's the familiar path to me. 

Or, I can choose to let the struggle train pass me by on the platform and get on a new one of my choosing. A new train that has a new story about what struggle, challenge and discomfort means.

So here's a new story, and it is my intention this sharing this will help you shift your mindset to create a new more empowering meaning that results in a new experience during times of struggle, challenge and discomfort.  

A new story of struggling in life

Struggling and discomfort is part of the creative process in life.

We are ever evolving beings, and as we reach new levels of achievement and ways of being we will always naturally desire to continue growing and evolving.

The discomfort or struggle we experience is the next level of expansion in this creative process of life. Just like children who experience growing pains, the discomfort we feel, is an indication that we are growing and stepping up higher into our strength and power of who we truly are.  

Struggle calls us forth, out of our comfort zone, to take our life to the next level. If it were not for the discomfort and pain, we would not receive inspiration to change, grow or learn and evolve.

The struggle is what creates new solutions, and knowing you're in the midst of discomfort you can let go and know new solutions are arising for you.

From this new story, this higher perspective we may now wish to welcome the discomfort and challenges with open arms, knowing that it means we are right on path to creating a more happy and fulfilling life.

If you think about it, the most important changes in your life often came as a result of experiencing, learning and knowing what didn't work and didn't feel good.

Experiencing challenges is the pathway to creating a solution. 

Therefore, problems and challenges are essential.

It's how we think about, these challenges that create our experience of heaviness and struggle or lightness and ease.

How to allow rather than resist

Choose a higher perspective - see the struggle or discomfort for what it is, from this higher perspective. There is nothing wrong with you, in fact it's a good sign if you experience such growth.

Allow what is - simply allow yourself to be, feel and experience what is without judgement. Allowing your feelings is like allowing yourself to float downstream and letting the current take you. Eventually the discomfort and struggle will pass. Know and affirm - this is for my higher good, this is part of the creative process and this will pass.

Be kind and compassionate to yourself - Allow whatever you need to take care of yourself. Take a break, sleep, rest, play, get out in nature, have a laugh with friends. Connect with your heart and soul space - whatever it is that brings your out of your head and into your body and into joy. Sing, dance, paint, craft, write, play. Let go of the judgement and start treating yourself with love, just as you would a small child or your best friend.

Focus your mind in appreciation -  remain grateful, appreciative and open to receiving new insights, information and solutions. If you are open and receptive to solutions, rather than caught up in the story of the struggle, you will always receive the answers, guidance and support you need.

Practice - Like anything new, practice affirming this new way of thinking. Remind yourself that it's simply growing pains, supporting you to evolve into your higher self. It takes repetition to form new habits and ways of being. Notice how much lighter you feel, when you practice a new way of thinking, and let that be the motivation to let go of the struggle and allow instead.

Because of such challenges I am able to create a more meaningful, magical and joyful life and so can you!

You can now let go of hanging on to the struggle, can't you!

Would love to hear your thoughts and experiences with this

Jacinda xx