10 signs you're handing over your personal power

We each have the power through our free will and choices to live a happy, healthy and vibrant life.

Imagine you have a golden flame within you representing your life force energy, your power. When you have the awareness to make clear, conscious choices that are true to you, you fuel this inner flame - your life force energy. Feeding your inner flame is what brings you feelings of freedom, joy, peace, well being and pure happiness.

Things feel hard when we are not fueling our life force energy.
When we don't take the time to bring awareness to our life and make conscious choices that are in alignment with our truth, our life force energy - our inner power diminishes. You will know this is what's happening when you are struggling, pushing and trying hard to figure things out. 

Image Credit: UNSPLASH

Image Credit: UNSPLASH

We make choices all day long.  Most of the time without being aware. Deciding what clothes to wear, what music to listen to and what to eat for lunch.

Each and every choice we make creates our reality.
It's a simple fact that the combined effect of all the choices we make, creates our life. And the choices we make, directly impact our health, well-being and happiness. 

So how can we stop giving away our power by making choices and taking actions that draw the life force energy out of us?

First, observing how often we move through our day making decisions without conscious awareness. 
When we have this awareness, we can then make different choices that feed our energy bringing light, inspiration and motivation to our being.

The following is a list is my based on my own insights from on my own learning and experience.

10 Ways we deplete our energy and hand over Our personal power

  1. Worrying what everyone else thinks
    Anytime our thoughts and choices are based on what others think, we are giving away our power. If we sacrifice what's best for ourselves to put the needs and considerations of others first, we slowly drain our energy and personal power, feeling empty and depleted.
  2. Judging others
    When we are placing judgement on others we are simply projecting our energy and power onto others. Instead we can choose to bring our energy back within ourselves to discover what is causing the emotional reaction leading to judgement. Judgement of others is a sign we are avoiding looking at an aspect of ourselves, and more importantly, it is an opportunity to come back into our own power. 
  3. Using words like should, have to and need
    The words we use are incredibly powerful. If we're doing anything because we feel we should, need or have to, it's a good opportunity to pause and check if we are making choices for our higher good or for someone else. Our power and energy shifts for the better when the choices we make are about what we truly want or choose.
  4. Blaming others
    When we point a finger at someone else we have four fingers pointing back at our self. Whenever we blame someone else we take our power away from our self and place it directly in the hands of the person or situation we are blaming. We only ever have control over our self and how we respond to situations. Rather than blaming others, we can turn our focus back towards self and decide what we can actually do differently to be in our power and find solutions to improve the situation.
  5. Reacting to others
    In every moment, we always have a choice to pause and respond to life or alternately react without conscious thought. Whenever we instantly react in any situation, there is a subconscious pattern running in the background based on past experiences or memories. When we notice we have gone into autopilot reactive mode, this is a golden opportunity to uncover the hold we still have on past emotions causing the current reaction. When we have the awareness, and choose to go inward to observe our inner emotional experience, we take back our power to shift and release the pattern.
  6. Living in fear
    Anytime we make choices out of fear we are not in our power. Staying in jobs, relationships or situations because we are afraid is not empowering and sucks the life force energy out of us. We are in our power when we have the awareness to observe if the choices we are making are based on worry or fear. If we want to be living in our power we must learn to develop trust to make inspired choices from the heart based in love, rather than fear. 
  7. Striving and overachieving
    Striving for perfection. Overworking to gain approval and recognition from others, means we are making choices based on needing external approval and recognition at the expense of our true needs. The truth is, we have no control over what others think, but we do have control of our self. We can easily learn to recognise and approve of ourself, so that we feed our power and energy rather than deplete it by constantly striving and overachieving. 
  8. Pretending to have it all together
    A desire to be seen to the outside world as strong, independent and self-sufficient so it seems that we have everything under control stems from past patterns and beliefs. Anytime we are putting a mask on to the outside world we are not in our truth and integrity. And if we not in truth we are not in our power. If we hide the truth and pretend because we don't want to be seen as weak, vulnerable or a failure, we deplete our energy by shutting down and not allowing support from others.  
  9. Not setting boundaries and saying no
    Without a clear sense of self it can be challenging to know our boundaries and easily say no. When we allow others to twist our arm or if we can't say no when we want to, we are giving away our life force energy like a hose with the tap turned on full. To be in our power we first must know our self so that we can honor our personal needs and desires. Having the confidence to know, honor and express our personal boundaries means we stop doing things we don't want and that do not fuel our life force energy. 
  10. Playing it cool and going with the flow
    Going with the flow and cruising along playing it cool allowing others to make decisions for us may indicate we're disconnected from knowing our self and our individual wants, needs and desires. If we are unsure about what we want and need we are disconnected from our truth and inner power. Being in the passenger seat allowing others to make your decisions depletes your life force energy and power. Being in our personal power is knowing who we are and what we want, this fires up our life force energy and sense of confidence.

So if you want more energy and to be more in control of your life and your outcomes, you can now consciously make new choices that better support you.  All change starts with awareness, and the desire for something better.

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Please comment below to share where you feel like you're giving away your energy and power and if you have any tips or questions about how you're going to begin to make new conscious choices to better support you.

Jacinda xx