How to channel pain and discomfort into creative energy

Right, I hear you. I'm right here with you on this one.

Your bad day has extended to a bad week or even month.

The promise of the New Year has worn thin. Perhaps you're already saying I thought this was going to be my year - but it's not panning out that way so far - so maybe it's going be next year.

Sound familiar? 

Image Source ©  Depositphotos  .com/Eduard Titoy  .

Image Source © Titoy.

Now just for a moment, can you remember a time when you burnt yourself cooking?  You instinctively pulled away from the source of pain and suffering. Perhaps feeling, frustrated, irritated or angry, injecting abusive words towards the oven or even your partner for being the source of the pain. 

I get it, I do. Pain is not fun.

I want to run miles away from it, so it can't catch me. I want to do everything I can to avoid it.

But the truth is I can't.

I can't magically control the environment and everything around me all the time - though it would be great if I could!

I'm fairly certain you'd call me stupid if I choose to keep placing my hand back onto the hot oven inflicting pain onto myself.

Fortunately, we are intelligent beings and have the ability to learn from our experiences. We learn pretty early on not to touch hot things and intend not to do it again.

What happens when you experience moments in life etched in difficulty, frustration struggle and pain?  

Do you curse, moan and complain about your problems and everything that's going wrong?

Was your answer yes?

Because, when you do this, it is just like putting your hand back onto the hot oven, choosing to inflict more pain onto yourself. 

I know I do this sometimes. When I get too caught up in the rush, and become disconnected from myself I can become frustrated, angry and annoyed with things not going my way. 

And then something wonderful happens.....that's right!!!

I tap into the wisdom of the truth, and I remember one of the most profound and empowering truths, that has the power to unleash me and free me from the struggle. 

It's so powerful - yet simple - and with awareness of this truth you can begin to unshackle yourself from the confines of your discomfort, finding more ease, peace and flow.

The truth about your pain and struggle

Your experience in the struggle and your awareness of the contrast in total opposition to what you want is the very first step in creation. 

Yep, that's right.

To create anything you need information and feedback. 

This feedback is your first step to help you be the creator of your life and discover more clearly what it is that you desire. Without the struggle and pain, how could you come to learn and understand more clearly what you want?

When you look at it this way you become the creator of your life, rather than a person who simply responds and reacts to life.

When I notice that I'm stuck in resistance, hating my experience I simply acknowledge that I'm being given valuable information, so I can more clearly define and channel my energy and attention towards what I want. 

WOW - how cool is that? Seriously!!!

Most of the time now I can genuinely appreciate the struggle and discomfort. Not always of course, but with practice, it's becoming a lighter and easier process. 

I am actually grateful for the powerful, soul shaking nudge it is giving me to direct my energy into the creation of up-leveling and expanding into more of the life that I desire. 

Please share in the comments below, how you're going to use this new perspective to channel creative energy into enhancing your life.

With love,

Jacinda Meiklejohn