OMG I'm having a bad day and slipping back into bad habits

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Imagine for a moment that you're having one of those days. A bad day. Yikes. Yep we all have them.

You pressed snooze five too many times and now you're late. You trip over and stub your toe. Miss breakfast. Spill your coffee on your shirt.

You're grumpy, on edge, like a jack in the box - if someone dare winds you up, you'll explode. You feel like crawling back into your bed and hiding away for the day. But not before snapping at the kids, yelling at your partner or mindlessly numbing out and scoffing down the tastiest, calorie laden delight that you can get your hands on.

The sudden realisation hits.

You're way off track. Not where you want to be. You've screwed up and you're slipping back into bad habits.

And you feel defeated. Like you've failed. Again.

You had been doing so well to be mindful and aware of your actions and choices. To be kind to your family. To wake early and take time for yourself to fill your soul up before the day begins. You were beginning to make exercise or meditation a regular practice.

But now it's all gone to waste, because you've had a bad day or week and slipped right on back into your old habits and patterns. Sigh....and down the rabbit hole you go.....


You call your wise and trusted friend. Who listens. Doesn't go down your sorry, whiny story with you. She hears the truth. She can see beyond your story and the drama. She can see the gift in your emotions and what you're experiencing.

She reminds you.

"Babe, your job is not to be perfect. You will forever step in and out of alignment with your highest self. That is the majestic dance of life".

Give yourself a break and try these 5 steps instead....

  1. ACKNOWLEDGE when you are not feeling the way you desire. This is your body communicating valuable information that you are out of alignment with yourself and you have stepped out.
  2. RECOGNISE the drama and the limiting story you've created.  Notice the words and stories running through your mind that are not supporting you.
  3. LET GO of these limiting stories. Detach yourself from the meaning you have created, knowing it is just a story you've made up and it's not the truth.
  4. CHOOSE a new truth, a new empowering story. There are no rules here. Choose a new supportive story that brings you back to a place that feels good to you. When you feel good you are back in alignment with your highest self.
  5. And finally PRACTICE this dance of choosing to step back into the truth as you recognise and acknowledge that you are off track.


Because it's OK to have a "bad" day - whatever that means.

You don't have to get everything perfect - what is perfect anyway? Consider that perhaps this is just another story that exists within your own mind.

Instead, try this for size...

Embrace the richness of the experience of stuffing up. Welcome the new information, wisdom and learning you can only gain through such experiences.  

With this new wisdom you are then empowered to readjust and fine-tune your life so that it matches up more and more delightfully with your true self and your greatest desires. 

This is necessary to your growth.

We are not stagnate beings.

So here is the opportunity - should you choose to take it - to start to drop the idea of perfection and instead welcome in the challenges - let's call them opportunities!

For these bad days or off-track moments are exactly what will re-direct you to be more in-tune to your path, and living to the beautiful beat of your own drum.