Your obstacles are a detour in the right direction

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Your new year’s resolutions are set, you’re focused and determined that this year is your year, it’s got to be better than last year – right? So you’ve set off firing on all cylinders knowing this is the most powerful time of the year to commit to the goals you have set.

But it’s so hard because there are so many distractions tempting you from every direction. It’s as if now that you said you were going on that diet or you were going to get focused on your health the distractions are everywhere. As if the universe is testing your commitment to yourself and your goals.

An obstacle is defined as:
“a thing that blocks one’s way or prevents or hinders progress”.  

All of my clients talk about the different things that get in the way of them achieving their goals. Such as time, money, tiredness, temptation, lack of willpower and so the list goes.

What if we were to re-frame the meaning of an obstacle? When we hold a perception that all of these obstacles are getting in the way  of our progress that’s what happens. These things we label as obstacles or problems or excuses halt our progress because what we perceive or believe to be true will be true.

So what if we were to welcome what we currently perceive as obstacles, instead as gifts? What if we were to welcome these gifts with our hearts and arms wide open. When we see obstacles as gifts we look for the opportunity in the challenge and realise they are there to teach us an important lesson or to show us how to open our heart to find that place of love and inspiration even during the most trying of times.

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Several years ago I was living with blinders on lost in anxiety. I couldn't see the forest for the trees. All I could hear was the constant chatter in my head. I was pushing, and trying to control everything in my life. It got to the point where I was physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted. Being advised as an avid intense exerciser that I was not allowed to engage in high intensity exercise was devastating. I was only allowed to walk and practice gentle yoga. I wasn’t too happy about this at the time seeing it as an obstacle to my health and feeling the fear creep in that I would gain weight and lose my fitness - something I always worked hard for and an identity I certainly associated with.

I didn't realise at the time that this so called obstacle was in fact a true blessing for me. This was the very beginning of my waking up to realise my true essence. It felt like a breakdown – in fact it was a breakdown – but it took me directly on the path to my greatest breakthroughs.

My eyes slowly began to open as I was moving slow enough to see the shimmer of the morning light on the ocean, or to observe the dance of colours, shapes and textures that surrounded me in every single moment. It was as if the wool was lifted from my eyes. I began to hear the subtle sounds of bird song, laughter, the wind rustling through the trees. I began to feel – like really feel for the first time in a long time.

Now for having experienced anxiety I am humbly blessed, ever so grateful as I see it not as an obstacle with a negative connotation but with a loving heart for the opportunity, for the growth, for the detour back home to my truth and my natural state of joy, love and inspiration.

So this year I encourage you to open to a new perspective as challenges and obstacles present to you in your life.  

How to start to change your perspective in 3 simple steps

1. Come up with a new supportive affirmation that feels good and true for you

It's key that you believe and feel good about what you are telling yourself. Here are some examples; “ I welcome all challenges and obstacles with an open heart knowing they are leading me to my greatest good”. Or “I focus on positive, creative solutions whenever challenges and obstacles arise”. 

2. Write it down 

Write it down morning and night in your journal. Use post-it notes to write it down and put it in several different places you will see it several times a day to remind you

3. Practice

Like anything new it takes practice. Practice this perspective every time you have an opportunity and it will very quickly become your new normal more empowering way.  It will bring an ease and lightness to your experience when you can genuinely welcome obstacles in with gratitude and love. It feels a whole lot better than the harsh energy of resistance, force and effort.

Celebrate all of the obstacles and know that they are guiding you towards your highest good.

At the end of the day your life is supposed to feel good. Choose a perspective that feels good even if it doesn't quite make sense yet.