Four questions to ask yourself before you put food in your mouth when you’re not hungry

There’s a reason (or two) if you find yourself mindlessly eating when not hungry or overeating when you are full.

And it has nothing to do with a lack of willpower, strength or that you are a complete failure when it comes to food and weight loss. 

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However it does have everything to do with what’s happening in your life and how aligned you are to what's true for you and your purpose.

It has everything to do with your underlying beliefs your thoughts and your emotions, because that is what dictates how you feel.

Because when you are feeling "off" you look for something to comfort you, to dull the pain to avoid feeling not so great.

And it turns into a vicious cycle.

So if you’re tired of feeling frustrated and unhappy about your weight...

And you are annoyed that you don’t have the willpower to stop eating whenever you want (even though you’re trying desperately to lose weight) then read on.

4 questions to ask when you're eating and not even hungry

These questions will help you uncover what’s really going on under the surface driving your actions and behavior. This process of self-inquiry will make it much easier for you to make positive changes without feeling guilty and ashamed and feeling like you’re a complete failure.

  1. Take a couple of deep breathes and ask “What am I really hungry for”? Try not to over think or analyse this answer, just ask the question, be still and allow the true answer to come.

    Here is a personal example of mine. I used to eat mindlessly at work when I was bored. What I was really hungry for was deep, soul level fulfillment. I was hungry to be spending my days doing something that was coming from my heart, to help others in a way that felt purposeful and meaningful. Now when I am working in my business I actually have to remind myself to stop to eat because I feel so aligned putting my energy into something that fills me up on the inside. I no longer need to look for food to fill that void. 
  2. When you work out what it is – there may be more than one thing – pick one and ask yourself “What can I do to bring this into my life right now/today?” If you’re not experiencing much joy what’s something you used to do when you were younger that bought you that feeling of completely losing yourself in the moment, that feeling of being in the flow when nothing else matters. If you’re missing connection how can you create connection in your life now – rather than waiting for it to arrive. Call a friend, make a lunch date, reconnect with an old friend. Decide to do something every day that brings this into your life now – not when you’re 10 kg lighter, when you meet your soul mate, pay your debt or get the perfect job. To start feeling better we must start living for what we want to experience right now.

  3. Then ask “Is there something bigger that needs my attention?” Is there something in my life causing me stress or worry or that just doesn't feel quite right? If so give that your attention. If it’s your finances start to make a plan to get your finances under control. Is it your career or your relationships or your living arrangement? Start to get clear on how you would like it to be instead.

  4. Then lastly ask “What would I do if I was really loving and respecting myself?” This is a powerful question to ask. If you were being your highest self in that moment, what decision would you make instead? Perhaps you would choose to make a different decision. Once you have this awareness you have the power to choose differently.

When you are carrying excess body weight and over eating, it is never about the action of what you are putting in your mouth.

That's why it doesn't work when you try to use force and willpower to restrict yourself from what you're putting in your mouth, and this is what I teach my clients when they work with me in my Enriched Life Program (check it out here to find out more).

It is your beliefs, thoughts, emotions and feelings that control your actions. So you can't change your actions long term without addressing the above first. 

When we are stressed out, or living out of alignment with the truest expression of who we really are (this happens when we are caught up trying to please others or to gain acceptance) we feel totally disconnected. 

It is when we feel disconnected we often engage in mind numbing behaviour like drinking, eating, Facebook and so on as a way of avoiding what is really going on.

So remember if you’re finding yourself in constant repetitive patterns of over eating or eating when you’re not hungry, know it’s because something is out of alignment in your life and it has nothing to do with you being a failure or not good enough.

Leave a comment below, let me know your insights what did you discover when asking yourself these questions?

Jacinda X