Quick Tip – What to do when you’re irritated, frustrated and about to crack it

Photo Credit: Angry Woman with phone by Dolgachov from Canva

Photo Credit: Angry Woman with phone by Dolgachov from Canva

If you’re caught up in the middle of a frenzy and you’re flustered, stressed, irritated and ready to kick someone or scream out loud what do you do? Have you got a strategy to reconnect and ground yourself when you’re caught in the middle of this emotionally charged state?

How to get out of this frustrated state now

Stop what you’re doing for a moment. Take 5 deep breaths bringing your attention to your breath and back into the here and now. This will allow you to drop out of your head for a moment.

Once you’re feeling more grounded, ask yourself two quick questions before you proceed

1. How would I like to feel instead in this moment?

2. What can I do right now to create this feeling despite what’s going on around me?

Here is an example

I want to feel calm and level headed instead of frantic, frazzled and irritated.

I'm going to choose to let go, get out of my head and back into the here and now. By connecting to my breath I will allow the feeling of calm to gently wash over my whole body. Once I make this decision I know the following will automatically occur:

  • I will breathe deeper
  • My heart rate will slow down and blood pressure will decrease

  • My tunnel vision cracks open and expands and suddenly I can see more solutions
  • The tension in my body will melt away leaving me feeling lighter

Why bother you might ask, what results will this process allow me?

  • A fresh, clear and grounded perspective

  • Less likely to yell at a colleague, the person on the phone or my partner

  • Less likely to write an angry email, or get angry when someone cuts me off in traffic  

  • Less likely to reach out for food or alcohol to dull and numb my feelings

Instead you will 

  • Continue with more ease and get the job done faster and more effectively
  • You will feel lighter and whole lot happier
  • You will make better choices about what to eat and what to do because you feel calm

So give it a go. Please share if you found this helpful and leave your comments below. What is the feeling you want to create instead and what can you do to create that feeling in moments of mayhem?

With Love,

Jacinda xx