5 reminders for times when making changes in your life is too hard and you feel like giving up

Nothing is permanent. Like the sun rises and falls and the tide comes and goes, so too will your thoughts, feelings, emotions and experiences.

In those moments where everything all feels like it’s too much, just remember that it is not permanent and it will pass.

To experience happiness we must know sadness, to know we are on our path, we must know what it’s like to be off our path. To experience light we must know darkness.

difficult times

It took me a while, but once I really embraced this simple concept it allowed me to bring a fresh new perspective to the struggles and challenges that were coming up in my life.

And I want to share with you what I've learnt...

Because these things have helped me to move through challenges with more freedom and ease and less angst, anger and frustration.

And because I know you are experiencing challenges too, I want it to be easier for you.  

In conversations with my inspiring, courageous one-on-one clients and the applications coming through for the Elevate You coaching sessions next week, I see many of you sharing and experiencing similar difficulties.

You may be wondering what’s wrong with you and why it’s so hard to stop overeating and lose weight.

Or why it’s so hard to do what you know you should be doing.

Or why you can’t just stop all the negative thoughts going around in your head.

Or struggling to say no and confidently make decisions and take actions towards your goals to feel happy, content and confident within yourself and your body.

Here are 5 tips for when you’re struggling with challenges

  1. Know that the challenges you are facing right now are simply a part of our human experience. This is the first step if you can let go and stop trying to resist what is, then you can start to learn to accept that the challenges you face are a part of life.
  2. Then, you can open up to see that these challenges are in fact golden opportunities. Re-frame your focus from what is wrong and how life is not fair to "What can I learn here"? The challenges you are facing right now are signs that it is time to shift and take your life to the next level. The gold is found when you get uncomfortable and out of your comfort zone. Learn to feel safe and comfortable being uncomfortable! 
  3. Your feelings and emotions are simply a call for your attention. They are a reflection of what’s going on in your inner world. Be grateful for these feelings coming up to show you that something in your life is asking for your attention. Rather than running away from the feelings by numbing them with t.v, Facebook, work, food, excessive exercise (something I became very masterful at), or your distraction of choice we can take a new and more powerful approach.  Instead acknowledge the feelings and ask “What is it that I really need to know to honor myself right now”.  Are you not holding strong to your boundaries, are you taking on too much work, are you too busy helping others at the expense of your own life, are you following someone else’s dreams and not your own?
  4. You are not alone, reach out for support. So many people experience exactly what you are going through so there is no need to suffer alone.  A big part of my learning to move through struggles and challenges in my life has been about reaching out for support. Engaging different coaches has been the best way to learn to get out of my own way and learn new ways to navigate my way through challenges in my life.  There are many ways you can get support through friends, family, coaches, healers and support groups.
  5. When you feel like giving up take a break. Connect to your heart to discover what you really need for you right now. Give yourself permission to step back and choose to do things that bring you natural joy, love and connection. Go for a walk, connect with loved ones, take a bath, get a massage, have an early night, go dancing – whatever it is that allows you to connect back to yourself.

Tomorrow is a new day. Go forth with love and kindness to yourself.

If you're struggling with making positive lasting changes in your life and you're done with it all being such a struggle, find out how I can support you through these changes HERE.

Love Jacinda x