How can I get results working with a health and wellness coach online?

Many people ask me how I run my business online. This is a common question because most of our experiences with health practitioners are usually face-to-face, and this is how I have practised as an Exercise Physiologist throughout my career to date.

The evolution of technology now allows us new opportunities and ways of communicating, consulting and doing business online. I have decided to take advantage of this for the following key reasons:

1.      I wanted to find a way where I can reach anyone, anywhere in the world

I want to ensure people are no longer limited by their geographical location or lack of access to resources especially those living in the country or smaller towns.

2.       I’d like to operate a business that can come with me where ever I live.

I do not plan to live in the city my whole life and would like to have the freedom to live where ever I would like. I have moved around a bit in the past and always had to leave behind networks, clients and friends and start again.

By Thomas Leuthard (CC by 2.0) 

By Thomas Leuthard (CC by 2.0) 


How can you help someone with their health, fitness and lifestyle over Skype, don’t I need to see you in person? 



Not any more, we can communicate easily and effectively using Skype and It almost feels as though I am there talking to my clients in person.

Often times people find them selves going to gyms, boot camps, going on diets and winding up on this up and down roller coaster ride where they are on again off again and really struggle to sustain a healthy way of life that works with ease.

I don’t know how many people tell me that when they were at their ideal weight they couldn't sustain it because their diet was so restrictive or their training was too intense and full on.


What is it about the current approach that isn't working?

With 10 years of experience I found that telling people what to do didn't often work. It didn't matter how much more I could learn in an expert sense, if they didn't do the work they wouldn't get the results and often there were so many things preventing them from doing the work to get results.

So it became my mission to figure out what it takes to really assist and empower people to change and get long-lasting results.

My answer? The process of coaching, positive psychology and guided personal discovery.  As well as teaching you how to use your mind to your advantage and the use energy healing techniques to shift stored stress or trauma from past experiences in our body that holds us back and keeps us stuck.


Online Health and Wellness Coaching helps people who struggle with the following:

+ Making long-lasting health and lifestyle changes, they find they are stuck on a roller coaster of ups and downs, on and off diets, weight loss fluctuations, and on and off training programs.

+ You may have signed up for a gym membership and find your money going out each week but you’re still not showing up.

+ You might be going to the gym or doing your training program, pushing yourself hard, but you’re still not getting the results you want.

You know what you should be doing but for some reason you’re still not doing it….what’s with that??

+ You battle with the confidence to get out there and go to the gym or to exercise because you’re too self-conscious and concerned about how you look so it’s easier to just not go at all.

+ You’re skilled at finding excuses in fact this is your strength – there’s always a reason why you can’t or didn't or won’t do it.

+ You seem to have an inner critic there in your head pulling you off track or sabotaging your best intentions. This critic might be encouraging you to eat the rest of the packet, or to just stay in bed for another hour, or perhaps you’ll start again next week, or maybe it tells you that you’re not meant to be slim and healthy, that’s for other people, it’s just too hard for me so I might as well give up now before I disappoint myself again when I fail. We have all heard these stories right?! I sure have!


Essentially as an online wellness coach I work with you to address your repetitive patterns, habits and struggles to create new habits in alignment with the way you want to live your life.


Great, so how does it work?

We meet over Skype either weekly or fortnightly. We build the inner foundations required for lasting results and success.  We address what patterns, obstacles and issues are coming up and I use different coaching, NLP and EFT processes and techniques to do the following:

+ Help shift old beliefs or self-sabotaging patterns

+ Identify causes of stress and triggers that are stopping you from achieving results

+ Build up your strengths and resources so you have what you need to keep going when things get hard

+ Weekly action planning so you know what you’re doing for the week ahead

+ We discuss what resources you need to learn or need help with from exercise to nutrition to stress management to dulling the voice of your inner critic.


What are the benefits compared to traditional face-to-face?

+ You can meet from the comfort of your own home, or anywhere you like. I Skype some of my corporate working clients in their lunch break at work

+ It’s convenient and easy to fit into your day, if you don’t have to rush around getting to yet another appointment

+ Saves you time and travel costs

+ You can live or be anywhere in the world to work with me

+ You can Skype in your slippers and your PJ's or in your track pants if that's what you feel like!

+ Great so now you know why I do it, how and it works and what the benefits are. If you'd like to read more about my coaching programs you can find out more by clicking the button below.

If you have any private questions, please send me a message by CLICKING HERE or leave me a comment below letting me know your biggest struggle. If you let me know what you're struggling with then I can address this in future posts and I can help you and all the other people who are struggling with the same thing.

To your lifelong health and happiness,

Jacinda xx