10 Things you might not know about me

I have decided to sign up for a 21 Day Blogging Challenge by Flourish Online where I will be aiming to write and publish a blog every day.

Day 1 - Find out 10 things you might not already know about me!


1. My middle name is Wilhelmina.

My business name is Jacinda Wilhelmina for two reasons. First, in memory of my late Oma (her name was Wilhelmina) she was a huge inspiration to me and taught me so many valuable lessons about life. Second,  because I like how it sounds when you say it out loud, weird I know, but I think it has a nice ring to it.


2. Last summer I completed two half iron man triathlons

This was my first long race, Challenge Forster (2 km ocean swim, 90 km bike, 21 km run). This all happened after making some huge lifestyle changes and spending 10 years battling injuries and being told I wasn't built or designed to run…..

Takeaway Lesson: Never take what anyone says as truth. If someone says you can't, find reasons why you can. There is usually always a way. Do your own research, take responsibility for yourself. 


3. I’m a learning addict

I love reading, watching inspirational speakers on You Tube and learning and applying new nuggets of wisdom into my life so I can take my life to whole new levels. So much so that I have a huge pile of half read books and I keep using up all my Wifi before the month is up!


4. I was a competitive ice figure skater for most of my childhood.

A true passion of mine that combined my love for music, self-expression, art, the outdoors and athleticism.  My parents first put me in ice-skates when I was just 4 years old.


5. I love living my life on purpose and helping others step up out of their comfort zone

I absolutely hands to heart love coaching my amazing clients to help them discover their strengths, their inner power and carve out a way of life, health, energy and vitality that is fully aligned with who they are.


6. I have a massive sweet tooth (well I am half Dutch after all)!

I still eat chocolate even though I know my stomach doesn't react well to it. I’m getting better at eating it less and now I mostly satisfy my sweet tooth naturally by experimenting in the kitchen cooking raw sweet treats like these raw chocolate salted caramel tarts. Delish!


7. I lived in Italy to teach Italian children English

This was hands down one of the most challenging things I have ever done. I have huge respect for all of the school teachers out there, and especially for those teaching in another country. There is a reason I am not a school teacher!


8. I can watch a movie a couple of times and not even know that I've already seen it….

Need I say more, I never get bored with movies I get to watch some over as if it were the first time. Strange, yes I think so.


9.  I grew up in the South Island New Zealand...

Ice-skating on frozen dams, eating fresh oysters out of the bucket (I hate them now) snow sledding, water skiing on the lake, baking, running around all day outdoors, sleeping under the stars and bossing around my 3 younger siblings.


10.   I have started my own business because...

I crave freedom and the desire to craft my own way to live my life on purpose by helping people achieve a lifestyle of health that is in alignment with who they are for life. No diets, no deprivation, and no extreme training schedules. I help people create real long-lasting change in their life. And I'm right there too, doing the work to create a lifestyle that is true to me and one that I love.


11.   One last thing...

I am powerfully drawn to the magic, beauty and energy of the sunrise and sunset.  Right now my most favorite thing is winter ocean swimming while the sun is rising – just magic!

There you have it - did you find out something you didn't already know about me? I'd love to know more about you, so please share something in the comments below or let me know your favorite thing you just found out about me.

In happiness and health,

Jacinda xx